The Ford F-150 Lightning is an all-electric full-size pickup truck here at Greenwich Ford that has been engineered to offer comfort and high performance. The truck features front- and rear-motor configurations. This gives the Ford F-150 Lightning enough power to handle any terrain in Greenwich, NY.

It is offered in an all-wheel-drive (AWD) drivetrain. The Ford F-150 Lightning pickup truck is the best choice for people who are planning to drive the truck in extreme off-road conditions. This truck is built to handle all the heavy jobs thrown at it.

The elegance of the Ford F-150 Lightning goes to the inside. This five-seater truck offers the most luxurious interior. It is the best-in-class for similar trucks in the lineup. Whether you are looking for a truck for your daily errands in the city or a fast truck to hit the highway, the Ford F-150 Lightning is a good fit. The front motor is a permanent-magnet synchronous AC motor with a power output of 452 hp and torque of 775 lb.-ft. The mid motor is also a permanent-magnet synchronous AC motor that produces 580 hp with 775 lb.-ft of torque.

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